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NuDaily - Simply Silk - By NuFacial

Have a mask just as flexible as your lifestyle. Stiff, starchy masks can cause rashes and skin irritation. With our perfect blend of comfort and stretch, your mask will look great and feel even better. Masks shouldn’t be a hassle - now you can be comfortable and safe, all at the same time.

Pack of 3Pack of 6Pack of 12Pack of 30

Pack of 3 includes 1 Black, 1 Gray, and 1 Pink NuMask

Pack of 6 includes 2 Black, 2 Gray, and 2 Pink NuMask

Pack of 12 includes 4 Black, 4 Gray, and 4 Pink NuMask

Pack of 30 includes 10 Black, 10 Gray, and 10 Pink 

Product Details

Light, breathable fabric to make sure you are never stuffy and sweaty
Super smooth fabric with just the perfect amount of stretch (nobody likes a bulky mask)
Adjustable ear loops to make sure you get the perfect fit, every time
Fully washable to keep you feeling fresh
Multiple colors so you can match them with any outfit

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