What's the deal with the valves?

What's the deal with the valves?

There’s new discoveries on the coronavirus horizon. We all know that wearing a mask is one of the easiest and most effective ways to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save an untold amount of human lives. However, science is beginning to reveal that not all masks are equal in protection level.




Masks with valves are not effective when it comes to COVID-19.


According to the CDC, masks with valves shouldn’t be used in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The masks with one-way valves are intended for construction workers, allowing for the user to breath filtered air and exhale moist air through the valve. This air that's released and escapes into the air could potentially contain coronavirus particles. 


They don't filter the air you breathe out. 



The CDC says the purpose of masks during the pandemic is to keep respiratory droplets from reaching others. The masks with valves actually allow air to be inhaled and filtered through the fabric part of the mask, while exhaling the air through a hole. It works great for filtering pollution and pollen; however, it effectively defeats the purpose of wearing masks to prevent viral transmission. 


Cloth masks are best.


The CDC now recommends using simple cloth masks instead, for the cloth masks will prevent air and droplets from escaping. A few layers of cotton will actually prevent most of the infectious respiratory droplets from landing on those around you.


Airlines aren't allowing the valved masks.




If you try to get on a plane with a valved mask, you’ll likely be asked to wear a different face covering. Masks with valves have been now banned by many major U.S. airlines, with American Airlines becoming the latest to join the list. Their new mask policy went into effect on August 19. 


American Airlines wants everyone above 2 wearing a mask.


Airlines are trying their best to create a safe flying environment during these particularly dangerous times for both flyers and employees. Delta was the first U.S. carrier to ban people from wearing the masks with valves. American Airlines took their policy even further by also banning masks made of mesh or lace fabrics. While other airlines offer exceptions, American stopped offering any exceptions, including medical. Now if you’re above the age of two, you must wear a mask or be barred from the airline. 


NuFacial is with the times.



As masks and mask policies everywhere continue to evolve, NuFacial is keeping you and our products up to date with masks. To keep our NuFamily safe, we are halting production on valved masks and releasing a newly designed mask that uses cloth paired with our NuFilters to provide you with premium comfort and ultimate protection.


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Written by Alyssa Sanders

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